Writing Wednesdays

So I have the first big thing that we can all do: Writing Wednesdays! Seeing as how we are all probably writers or aspiring writers dying to finish the book they’re writing or write a new poem, I’m thinking we could all do a mass thing called Writing Wednesdays where every Wednesday we share a piece of writing on this blog and on our own blogs. It’ll be a mass event we all do! and it’ll be fun! Plus on here you could get criticisms, though how “critical”  (like how harsh) can be decided by you per post if you wish. So what do you guys think?


About Angel

Well I am a reader, a chef, an artist and a writer who loves to listen to music and blog the time away.
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14 Responses to Writing Wednesdays

  1. EESSS BACCKCKCKCK I’ll make it public…

  2. JMatik says:

    So are we gonna actually do this? (also sorry for being MIA during the summer)

    • I’m hoping so. We started it before but no one (save me) really partook (is that how you spell the word(s)?) in it all that much. I want to do it again though, and I’m thinking of doing it pretty much the exact same way. I may just add a badge though for those who do do it which would be fun. Tell everyone you know though and we can start next Wednesday so that there’s time for the news to go around and time for people to work on/polish their writing!!!

  3. Kay Kauffman says:

    I love this idea, and I write a ton of poetry. 🙂

  4. That’s a great idea. What I’ll do is that I’ll put in under Review Central, so that its a part of that.

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