Thank you Fantasy Angel!

First off, where are half of you? 

Second off, I thank Fantasy Angel for the Writing Wednesday ideas. We’ll begin this Wednesday. 

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4 Responses to Thank you Fantasy Angel!

  1. Kay Kauffman says:

    I’ve been playing catch-up just about everywhere – I had a weekend full of birthday parties and then my internet was so slow as to be inoperative yesterday. Finally got two of my kids down for naps, and now I’m back to working my way through stuff!

    • Eh, didn’t miss much on here. People aren’t exactly the most active at the moment.

      • Kay Kauffman says:

        My internet access at home is iffy, but usually it’s fine at work. Apparently not this week, though, because today my coworker’s having trouble with it. Lousy internet, anyway.

        Oh, well – I’m working on a bunch of posts at the moment, so I had better get back to it! 🙂

  2. Perfect, thank you and you’re right! where is everyone?

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