Writing 101, Day Three

Today’s topic on music really got my writing juices flowing.  I chose two songs from a movie soundtrack and one by one of my favorite bands, all of which related to my divorce seven years ago (Holy cow – has it really been that long?).  An excerpt:

I realized that if I never risked my happiness, I’d likely never find it again and, since I was sure that my happiness involved sharing my life with someone other than my son, I decided that the risk of getting out there and meeting new people was worth whatever consequences might arise.  And yet…

To read the whole post, click here.


About Kay Kauffman

A geek to the core, I reside in the midst of an Iowa cornfield with my husband and four children. When I'm not chasing the kids every which way but loose, you can find me penning fantastical tales of great heroism and twue wuv...and possibly procrastinating online.
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