Writing 101, Day Two

For my second post, I wrote about why I would like to see Iowa as it was 150 years ago:

Iowa today is covered in cornfields (and bean fields and hog confinements, but I’ve yet to figure out how to wax poetic about the latter of those), which are a beautiful sight in and of themselves (the fields, not the confinements).

Check it out the full post here.


About Kay Kauffman

A geek to the core, I reside in the midst of an Iowa cornfield with my husband and four children. When I'm not chasing the kids every which way but loose, you can find me penning fantastical tales of great heroism and twue wuv...and possibly procrastinating online.
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2 Responses to Writing 101, Day Two

  1. I live in Colorado, so all I can think is that about a 100 years ago, we’d all be miners.

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