Revive Me…Please!

Hey people! So we have a tinsy winsy problem: NO ONE COMES HERE ANYMORE! No one here writes on the blog nor looks at it anymore…it’s starting to feel very lonely. We need you to come and love us again. Therefore, this coming week (starting Monday) will be a week of posts. Every day I will post some new poem, tips, piece of story or whatever and I definitely want you to join in and do the same here. Why? Because it will get this blog up and running again, therefore increasing visibility which leads to more followers, likes and comments for this blog and all the contributors/followers of this blog. If you want to be a part of this, give me holler below in the comment section and I’ll add you as an author and we can start writing.

Let’s get this thing back up and running! It’s time we lived again! 


About Angel

Well I am a reader, a chef, an artist and a writer who loves to listen to music and blog the time away.
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